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Lois Ostraat, 79, center, chats with Lois Unzelman, 67, second from left, while they watch Lois' husband Myrl Unzelman, 70 (not pictured) play compete at the 36th annual World Series of Poker at the Rio on Thursday July 7, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Myrl's $10,000 entry fee to play in the tournament was paid for by his three children as a 70th birthday present. Yawning, second from right, is Shawn Unzelman, 22, the great nephew of Lois and Myrl. Thursday marked the start of the no-limit Texas hold'em main event. Approximately 5,600 players are competing for a chance to win the first-place prize of roughly $7.5 million. (Photo by Landon Nordeman/ Getty Images)