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LOCKPORT, NEW YORK -  Jan 9: An interior view of the historic Palace Theatre in Lockport, New York, which was built in 1925.  The theatre is located at 2 East Avenue in downtown Lockport, and still presents a number of events throughout the year including the staging of plays, movie screenings and theater workshops.  The Historic Palace Theatre in Lockport, NY, is a proscenium-arch-style space built in 1925 by Charles Dickinson. The decor is an eclectic mix of art deco and Italian Renaissance styles and is a replica of New York City's Famous Paramount Theatre. The Palace was on the cutting edge of technology. Besides being technologically advanced with air conditioning, a pipe organ, and an orchestra pit, it was also exquisitely decorated. The murals on the ceiling still exist today. In 1907, there were five theatres in Lockport, the Bijou, the Arcana, the Orpheum, the Hippodrome and the Hodge Opera House. The next movie house to join the Lockport roster is the only one of the six standing today and it is the hero of this story. Its name is the Historic Palace Theatre and it lives at Two East Avenue, right here in the heart of downtown Lockport, New York.The first movie to play at the Palace was Cecil B. DeMille's, "The Ten Commandments," on July 18, 1925. The Palace continued to show movies, but they also added vaudeville acts and entertainment such as John Phillip Sousa's Band and the U.S. Marine Corps Band. Dickinson leased the Palace originally to Publix Theatre Corporation. In 1928, it was leased to the Schine Company after the dissolution of Publix. Schine operated the Palace from 1928 through 1942. They purchased the theatre in 1942 just in time to show Casablanca. At this time, the only theatres left in Lockport were the Palace and the Rialto. In 1957, the Rialto too shut its doors. In 1969, County Wide began operating the Palace. In 1972, there was a gas explosion in the theatre that many feared would spell the end of the Palace. However, it was sold to Gra